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The Best 4 GYOZA Restaurants in Yokohama Chinatown


In Yokohama, there is the largest Chinatown in Japan. You may have hard to time to decide which restaurant to enter in Yokohama Chinatown even if you want to eat good gyozas and dumplings. It is because there are more than 200 restaurants which serve Chinese food in this Chinatown, and most of those restaurants serve gyozas and dumplings.


For people who “want to eat a delicious gyoza in Yokohama Chinatown”, I will introduce you the best 4 restaurants that serve special gyoza from the following types of gyoza: yaki-gyoza (potsticker), sui-gyoza(boiled dumpling), mushi-gyoza(steamed dumpling, dim-sum)

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“Katatata”: The first halal gyoza restaurant in Japan


So far, there are few Muslim people living in Japan, so there are few restaurant which got halal certification.

I would like to introduce a gyoza restaurant which got a halal certification.  That is “Katatata”, which is in the back side of Roppongi Hills.



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