Enjoy delicious gyozas and Japanese popular songs of the 1980s at “BUSHITSU” in Kanda, Tokyo

Today I will introduce a restaurant that you can enjoy delicious gyozas and Japanese popular songs of the 1980s at the same time.

The gyoza restaurant “80s bar BUSHITSU” is near Kanda station.”BUSITSU” means clubhouse in Japanese.


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Beer Loves Gyoza (BLG) in Shinjyuku

A bite-sized gyoza is famous in Osaka, but there is one restaurant in Shinjuku as well.

“Beer Loves Gyoza (BLG)” in west Shinjuku is a Osaka style Gyoza restaurant in the pub style, which provides the bite-size gyoza, arranged to match better with beer.


You can enjoy the six different kinds of beer on draft and 10 different kinds of bite-sized gyoza.


– Beer on draft(by glass):290 Yen

I recommend to have by glass to keep your beer always cold.

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The Best 3 Gyoza Restaurants in Tachikawa, One of The Most Competitive Gyoza Battleground in Tokyo

Tachikawa is a new remarkable spot in Tokyo. As a matter of fact, Tachikawa is one of the leading towns which are famous for gyoza. Around Tachikawa Station, there are several dozen of gyoza restaurants, such as a very old restaurant established in 1929, and a restaurant serving very unique gyoza.

Let me introduce special impressive 3 restaurants of gyoza from many in Tachikawa, today.

A Gyoza restaurant established in 1929, “Yotsukado Hanten”.

Yotsukado Hanten which was established in 1929 is one of the oldest Chinise restaurants in Tachikawa. The gyoza of Yotsukado Hanten consists of well balanced filling made from pork meet and vegetables wrapped politely with slightly thick skin.


The gyoza of Yotsukado Hanten tastes nostalgic Showa style taste. You can enjoy crispy taste in Yaki-gyoza(pan-fried gyoza), and soft feeling in Sui-gyoza(boiled gyoza) individually.


Yotsukado Hanten provides 50% discounts on yaki-gyoza on 5th, 15th and 25th every month, and 50% discounts on sui-gyoza every Wednesday.


Yotsukado Hanten(四つ角飯店)


1-16-5 Akebonocho, Tachikawa, Tokyo (Google map)

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The Best 4 GYOZA Restaurants in Yokohama Chinatown


In Yokohama, there is the largest Chinatown in Japan. You may have hard to time to decide which restaurant to enter in Yokohama Chinatown even if you want to eat good gyozas and dumplings. It is because there are more than 200 restaurants which serve Chinese food in this Chinatown, and most of those restaurants serve gyozas and dumplings.


For people who “want to eat a delicious gyoza in Yokohama Chinatown”, I will introduce you the best 4 restaurants that serve special gyoza from the following types of gyoza: yaki-gyoza (potsticker), sui-gyoza(boiled dumpling), mushi-gyoza(steamed dumpling, dim-sum)

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