Enjoy delicious gyozas and Japanese popular songs of the 1980s at “BUSHITSU” in Kanda, Tokyo

Today I will introduce a restaurant that you can enjoy delicious gyozas and Japanese popular songs of the 1980s at the same time.

The gyoza restaurant “80s bar BUSHITSU” is near Kanda station.”BUSITSU” means clubhouse in Japanese.


You will go upstairs to the second floor and enter “BUSHITSU”. When you open the door, you will meet customers who enjoy Japanese popular songs of the 1980s.You can request favorite Japanese popular songs, too.


You can eat Japanese old snacks as much as you like for 100 yen. They are good for snacks while you are waiting for gyozas.


There are two kinds of gyozas: meat gyozas and shiso gyozas.

As the gyoza lover owner eats a lot of gyozas, after 10 years trial and error he got to the current recipes.

5 gyozas for one saving. If you order meat gyozas and shiso gyozas at the same time, they will cook the gyozas in disc form.


The moment You take one bite, the meat flavor will spread in your mouth. You will feel the smell of authentic Chinese cuisine after the meat flavor. The identity of this scent is a spice blended with cinnamon, daika, pepper, octagon, citrus and so on.


They use the same stuffings as meat dumplings for the shiso dumplings, but furthermore the shiso is added. Shiso is popular as the representative herb of Japan. The refreshing fragrance of the shiso fits the taste of the meat well.


Pizza made with dumpling skin is also popular.


80’s Bar “BUSHITSU”
3 Chome-21-6 Uchikanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

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