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Enjoy Utsunomiya gyoza in a flower shop in Tokyo.


The most famous Gyoza City is Utsunomiya, where is a little far 100 km from Tokyo.

However, there is such famous Utsunomiya Gyoza Shop in Tokyo, so you can eat it there. And it is not a normal gyoza restaurant.

The shop which name of Florist KT is in the shopping street near the Hongo san-chome station of the Marunouchi Line for about three minutes on foot.

To all appearances, it is a normal flower shop, but this is the gyoza restaurant you can eat Utsunomiya Gyoza in Tokyo.

Looking around, you can find a sign for lunch menu.


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Soy sauce prohibited! Gyozas of “Min-min” at Akasaka should be eaten with vinegar and pepper.

There are many Gyoza restaurant named ‘Minmin’ across the nation in Japan. The origin is legend of ‘Minmin Yo-Ro-Kan’ that was built in Shibuya Koibumi Yokochou in 1952. Now that restaurant was closed, but ‘Minmin’ that we introduce today is said to be direct line of that restaurant.

The restaurant is located a bit more than 10 min by walk from Akasaka, Nogizaka, and Aoyama-ichoume station.


When you enter this restaurant and sit down, let’s order Yaki Gyoza, pan-fried Gyoza, immediately.

You need to pay attention after ordering.

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5 old establish Gyoza restaulants founded more than 60 yars ago in Tokyo


Now, that it is not too much saying that Gyoza (pan-fried dumpling or pot sticker) is the one of national food.

Gyoza is said to have spread throughout Japan by those repatriates from China after the war. In a word, Japanese gyoza has nearly 70 years of its history.

5 of such speciality resraurants of long standing over 60 years are picked up for you. They indeed are the pulling forces of the Japanese gyoza history.

Enjoy eating gyoza as good old days of Japanese scenes back in the 1950s may be conjured up in your mind.

Enjoy Gyoza!

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Enjoy Jumbo Gyoza at Tokyo!

It seems as many people have the image of gyoza as a “bite-size appetizer”.

Typical japanese Gyoza’s length is 7-8 cm, so it’s exactly the size for a one-bite snack. Some people may feel that eating these gyoza as an entree is not quite enough.

So today, I would like to introduce the top 3 popular jumbo gyoza restaurants in Tokyo, for people like you, who want to bite into much bigger gyoza.

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