Enjoy Utsunomiya gyoza in a flower shop in Tokyo.


The most famous Gyoza City is Utsunomiya, where is a little far 100 km from Tokyo.

However, there is such famous Utsunomiya Gyoza Shop in Tokyo, so you can eat it there. And it is not a normal gyoza restaurant.

The shop which name of Florist KT is in the shopping street near the Hongo san-chome station of the Marunouchi Line for about three minutes on foot.

To all appearances, it is a normal flower shop, but this is the gyoza restaurant you can eat Utsunomiya Gyoza in Tokyo.

Looking around, you can find a sign for lunch menu.


When you enter the store, you will be directed to a counter in the back, and there are flowers all over the place.

It’s just like any other florist.



The Utsunomiya  gyoza set meal with Kenchin-jiru (Japanese tofu and vegetable chowder) and pickled vegetables is recommended.



The gyozas served are frozen dumplings shipped directly from Utsunomiya. The gyozas are pan-fried to get a crunch, and the texture is excellent.

The filling is seasoned with ginger, and the freshness of its taste can let you eat tons of it!



The lunch comes with a cup of coffee after meal.

And you get flowers as souvenir.


Florist KT

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