Tokyo Gyoza Guide original gyoza recipe (2/2)


Below are the necessary tools and ingredients in frying the gyozas.

– frying pan
– lid to the pan
– frying oil (vegetable oil)
– sesame seed oil
– hot water
– round plate

Preheat pan and add vegetable oil.
Frying should be done at high heat at all times.

Quickly place gyozas to form a circle in the heated pan.



Add hot water to pan when you get burnt color on the gyozas.


Add enough hot water to cover one thirds of the gyoza wrappers in the water.



Cover pan with lid and steam.Heat should be high during steaming process as well.


Add a round of sesame seed oil before water evaporates completely.



Place the lid back on the pan, and keep the burner on high.


In the middle of the pan, the remaining water and sesame oil will react to the heat. You will hear a crackling sound.

The dish will be ready once the crackling sound has subsided.
Remove the lid and allow the gyoza to brown.



Remove them from the oil, and flip them over to finish.


This step can be a little tricky, so be careful not to burn yourself.

This is roughly the best possible baking color.


Have good gyozas!

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